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Somsak (Kenji) Saykosy


Somsak (Kenji) Saykosy


Martial Arts / Action


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    Lao Warrior Kenji Saykosy as Ryu in Street Fighter! 
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    Lao Warrior as Ryu Street Fighter

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    September 5th, Lao Warrior Kenji Saykosy will be in Arkansas for a one of a lifetime concert event. Join us there! Would you like a poster and help us with our project? Go to store page and get your poster today! 
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    Lao Musician's Poster

  • ewyatmz8wd1upz8nk8bg.jpeg August 27, 2013
    RALEIGH, N.C. -

    A former refugee from Laos who grew up in Raleigh is hoping to create more awareness about the human trafficking that's happening in our very own backyard.

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    Raleigh filmmaker examines the issue of human trafficking

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